UPDATE:The submission deadline is extended to August 28, 2021 and Early-Bird registration is now October 20th.

We are excited to welcome participants to the 19th Annual IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI). This year's conference will be held in San Antonio, Texas USA on November 2-3, 2021.

Intelligence and security informatics (ISI) is an interdisciplinary field involving academic researchers in information technology, social and behavioral sciences, computer science, law, and public policy. The field also includes industry consultants, practitioners, security managers, and chief information security officers who support physical and cybersecurity missions at the individual, organizational, national, and international levels (e.g., anticipation, interdiction, prevention, preparedness, and response to threats).

Over the past 18 years, the IEEE ISI Conference has evolved from its traditional orientation towards the intelligence and security domain to a more integrated alignment of multiple domains, including technology, humans, organizations, and security. The scientific community has increasingly recognized the need to address intelligence and security threats by understanding the interrelationships between these different components, and by integrating recent advances from different domains.

Covid-19 contingency plan. We will continue to monitor the COVID situation as it progresses. In case a physical hosting is deemed inappropriate, the ISI chairs will move the conference to a virtual meeting through Zoom. Accordingly, there will be structured plans on Zoom for conducting the presentations, social gathering, keynote, and any other related activity. Such decision will be take place 2 months ahead of the scheduled conference date.


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Proceedings from previous years are available through the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.